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I contacted this shop because my Laptop would not boot up. After testing it I was told the chipon the motherboard had developed a fault. Although he did not have the correct equipment to repair my Laptop he informed me that if I found anyone that could and would repair it it would cost £150 plus. He informed me that he could recover my data for me and even remove the hard drive from the Laptop and insert it into an enclosure and supply the required lead so asth use it as an external hard drive with other computers. I decided to have the hard drive removed from the laptop an have it inserted into an enclosure, I did not have a data recovery as all my files were now on a portable external hard drive. As he was not busy at the time he did the job whilst I waited which I was charged £18 for the enclosure and £2 labour. I was very impressed and pleased with the service and price and would recommend this company to anyone.

Alan Andrews